Monday, 12 September 2011

Qualities of A Good School

In today's world, the competition among students is unstoppable. It is high time there is a revolution in the education systems and international schools is the answer. These days, education is not all about academics; there is something beyond.

Having said that, it doesn't mean all the international schools are of international standards. Perhaps the international status is gained but it does not end with that alone. Here are a few important qualities a good international school should possess.

Good Resources

The school should be able to meet the needful resources. Be it academics, sports, food or hostels, availability of resources is very important. The quality of the accessible resources determines the quality of the school.

Good teaching staff

This is one of the most important qualities any school should possess. The methodology of teaching the school follows makes a big difference. K-12 education system is being implemented in a lot of IB international schools. This is more of a self-explanatory model where students discover themselves in better ways. The school should have appointed staffs who are capable enough to guide the students in the right way.

Good Organization

Different schools follow different rules. It is necessary to see that the school follows a strict discipline where you know your child is being educated at the right place. Report cards of the individual's progress in all areas must be sent to parents periodically. There should be separate training methods for students who are below average. Sports and other extra-curricular activities such as music, art and trekking should be a must. This enhances a student's growth and helps them stay out of pressure.

Extra facilities

Books and library are not the only facilities a student should benefit from. The school should provide all necessary amenities in the hostels and sports fields also.

Good Location

The geographical location of the schools matters. It is good if the school is located in a trouble free area where there is a minimum level of noise and air pollution. It is also important that it is easily accessible to the city and the transportation is available any time.

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